Red Lake, Northern Lights

As usual I am always taking forever to update my website with new content, however, I have good reason! As a Forestry student at Algonquin college, my time of leisure is very limited since the program I am taking is a condensed course. I started in September 2015 and I am currently on my placement, which has started May 2, 2016. I am at Red Lake Fire Management Headquarters for my placement and I am here to learn and potentially be a Fire Ranger for the next year’s fire season of 2017. So far I am really enjoying my time here and I can honestly say I am going to miss this place when I have to leave to return to school on May 29, 2016. I will be back though, and that’s my plan for my future, be a Fire Ranger, and take lots of amazing photographs while I have the opportunity to be so far North of Toronto, 24 hrs to be exact!

Anyways, I am writing this post to show you the Northern Lights that occurred May 7 at 11:00 PM – May 8 at 2:00 AM. They went on for a couple hours after I am sure, but I had to get to bed at some point! The lights were pulsating and dancing through the sky and the storm was most active at around midnight – 2:00 AM. In that time, the Northern Lights were dancing and pulsating so intensely, it was like the entire sky had a heartbeat and you could see it beating and coming to life, it truly was something out of this world. By far one of the best Aurora Borealis storms I have ever seen! At one point in the night, the Northern Lights were everywhere around us, like we were in the eye of the storm and it had to be one of the greatest experiences I have ever been apart of. I’ll never forget this night and I’ll never have too, after capturing such beauty that night. I hope you enjoy these photos as much as I do, that night truly was an amazing experience.


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