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Website Remodeled

Hi everyone,

Well, how do you like it?

I have recently, with the help from my dad, an IT Engineer, completely re-done my website! I hope, to all my fans, that this website will be much easier to use, navigate through and view my work. There are several new additions to my domain name, such as the store, galleries and a beautiful home page where you can see some of my best images ! This website is still a working progress and I have a lot to do still, but for now please enjoy what I do have up here. You can view my photos from my trip across Canada in the http://www.davidkeller.ca/galleries/ section. You will notice BC, is not yet up there but it will be in due time!

Whats next?

I will be working on my Store these upcoming weeks, to get the best of what I have captured out there online and available to buy. After my store is fully stocked, I will be working on BC and then I will start adding photos that I have taken since I’ve been home from my trip. I’m hoping to get out again as soon as possible to photograph some of the winter season, if winter ever decides to come!

Thank you everyone for being my fans and viewing my work 🙂

David Keller

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